Mr.Time Crunch


Being late is one of the biggest pet peeves for me and since I moved to suburbia I have been known to be late a few times…well actually more than a few times. Since I have been caught in the action of being late, I have tried to be more patient with my friends and family who do show up late. Time is valuable and I understand that no one wants their time wasted so therefore I apologize to anyone that has waited for me. I will try to be better ūüôā I am also going to take this opportunity to apologize in advance to the future humans that could possibly be in the situation where they will wait for me. hehehe!

Anyways, “time crunch guy” is one of the most memorable dates I went on, therefore I will make it the first post. I’ve decide to meet up with “Mr.Time Crunch” on a Thursday for a coffee date downtown. Mr. Time crunch wasn’t super attractive but he was witty and very intelligent therefore I decided to test it out ūüôā We planned to meet at a coffee shop on 17th and I definitely remember him wearing ¬†a watch lol. ¬†Now, why is this watch so relevant, because it’s very important to the rest of this bad date story…. hehehe!

I remember leaving the house at 7:40 pm ¬†and I knew I was going to be late. ¬†I sent him a message ¬†apologizing I would be 5 mins late, he responded right away and said that was ok. As I drove onto 17th ave, I could see that it was going to be a busy night and finding a parking spot would be difficult so I quickly grabbed my phone and messaged again telling him that I would be another 10 mins late. ¬†That 10 mins turned to 20 mins because I couldn’t find parking, I parked 6 blocks further then I was expecting to.

As I walked to the coffee shop I was imagining how annoyed this guy would be. Is he going to be mad? Is this coffee date going to be awkward now? Why didn’t you leave earlier Linda??? WHY? Since I was so late, I actually got really nervous thinking about all the scenarios that would play out. Maybe he got fed up and left? ¬†ūüė¶

When I got to the coffee shop, he was still there. I could see it on his face that he wasn’t impressed. He was clearly upset that I ¬†was 25 mins late and the reason why I know this, is because he straight out told me… hahaha. I apologized to him and I knew I would have to use all the charm I had in me to win him over. I kept on apologizing throughout the date and decided to make fun of myself for being such a ditz on time. (Humor is the cure to all the negative emotions people feel and sometimes being the butt of a joke will lessen the intensity of any situation lol). This totally worked!!!!

The coffee date turned to a 3 hour witty banter on friendships and relationships. Though we were able to keep the conversation going, I disagreed with some of his views on relationships and I found  his directness a bit of a turn off, however he asked to take me to Lunch on Sunday and in which I agreed.

For Sunday, Mr. Time crunch asked me to meet him at a Vietnamese restaurant at noon. ¬†(I think he picked a Vietnamese restaurant because he assumed I would like it since I’m Vietnamese lol.) Even though I wasn’t certain on the guy,¬†I was still looking forward to lunch with him. ¬†That afternoon, I was determined to make it on time so I could make up for my tardiness on Thursday night so in truth, I actually left 20 mins early.

This restaurant was located  further down on 17th. I assumed it would take me about the same time it took me to get to the coffee shop. Halfway down Macleod, I googled it on my phone and I was wrong, it was about 15 mins further so yes-yes I was going to be late again.

While I was driving, I picked up my phone and frantically messaged him that I was going to be late, I knew he was going to give me a hard time and he was going to be very displeased that I was going to be late yet again. I continued driving and I also sped up a bit just to try to make up a few minutes of time. Soon after I sent him that message, he messaged me back. This ¬†message is the start of the downhill spiral, this message is the reason why I don’t feel bad that I was running late. THIS MESSAGE ¬†LED TO THE DEAL BREAKER IN WHY I CHOSE NOT TO SEE HIM AGAIN!!!

His response:

if your  10 minutes late the I will pay for the bill

if your 10-20 minutes lat then we are splitting the bill 

if your more than 20 minutes late then you are paying for the bill


Now maybe I’m taking this to personally but I found this extremely rude! WAS HE JOKING??

Since I was very close to the restaurant, I continued driving there and even though I was upset with the message he sent to me, I went into the restaurant and continued with date. I tried to hide the fact that I was upset but I’m pretty sure he knew. I tried to be positive and engaging during lunch but I wasn’t the same great conversationalist from Thursday.

When the bill arrived at the table, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, was he joking before? Is he going to apologize? Am I overthinking the message?

This is what happened next, he looked at his watched, TAPPED THE GLASS and looked at me and told me that I was 12 mins late, so therefore we were splitting the bill.

I LAUGHED and told him I will pay for ALL of the bill and we won’t be seeing each other again.

Bye bye Time Crunch


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