Reservations for 3

Sometimes too much information is JUST too much information. Now I know that in all relationships, its known that there is a lot of pillow talk so all your dirty secrets will spill out at some point, however when is TOO SOON??

During a cold winter day in February, I woke up to a chilly Sunday with nothing planned.  It was quite cold out and the weather was perfect day to be lazy and catch up on some Netflix. As I was in bed finishing every episode of Dexter (yes I was late to the Dexter game…lol) I become sickened with the fact that I have watched over three hours of television. I needed to stop, so I jumped to social media instead lol.

After checking all social media outlets, I decided to browse the online dating world just to see whats happening, I soon after came across a gentlemen that asked me to meet later in the afternoon. For reals….like in a few hours??? omg omg!

Now this was extreme for me to accept since we started messaging each other only a few hours before, however we were set to meet at 3pm (still sunny) and we were meeting over a simple coffee and a walk down the river. It was also Sunday, what can be bad about a Sunday afternoon date? 🙂

I drove to Kensington and told him to meet me right outside of Higher Ground so we can grab a hot drink and start walking down the river from Kensington. It was very chilly out and I remember seeing my breath as I walked outside. It was very cold so I layered multiple layers; I’m pretty sure I looked like the Michelin man in pink lol.

I arrived first and I waited for him for 15 mins, he got lost 😦 He was new to the city so he didn’t know the ways around Calgary just yet so I thought that meeting in Kensington would be cute. I thought about showing him around Calgary  and telling him places to see and check out.  Kensington was great place to meet, it was located in the heart of Calgary, tons of culture and it was right beside the river. I was wishing we would hit it off just so I could show him my favorite places in YYC. I had hopes that he would fall in love with Calgary as much as I did 🙂

When we finally met, it started off awkward, he was nervous and I was nervous. Silence filled the first 5 minutes we were together. He looked the same as in his photos, however I thought he would be a little taller and little bigger. I’m not quite sure what he thought of me but he smiled so I took it as a good sign.

We went inside and I ordered a coffee-a latte actually and he ordered a hot cocoa. We did the normal chit-chat, we talked about the weather and how we spent the day so far. When the drinks were done, we picked up our drinks and we immediately walked back outside and began the walk down the river.

Since he was new, I had a lot of questions for me. I usually have tons of questions for anyone lol. I wanted to know why he moved to Calgary and how he liked it so far. He answered explaining that he recently came to Canada and he was travelling before he actually settled here. He actually recently moved and been in Canada for only two months.

We talked about our families and our background and how he was actually here alone trying to work out the “Canadian dream”. I found everything about his situation so interesting so the conversation between him and I lasted for an 2 hour walk down the river.

It was dark now and I told him it was time to turn back around since it was only getting colder; the sun was gone. We turned back around and this was the time he tried pulling me closer. I DID NOT LIKE THIS….lol but he knew I was uncomfortable so he stopped. As we kept walking back, there was silence between us and it got awkward again so we talked about everything and anything to fill the silence.

This is where it got EXTREMELY AWKWARD! We started sharing dating stories and it was funny at first until he told me this story. (since this date was almost two years ago, I can’t quote him word for word but I remember the general story )

His story:

he was chatting with a girl for a few days and soon after they decided to meet up, this girl was living in Airdrie and asked him if he could come by and pick her up and they could do something in Airdrie. He agreed and drove from Calgary to Airdrie to meet up with her on Friday night. He arrived at this girls Airdrie home and she asked him to come inside so he can give her some extra time get ready. He came in and he waited, the girl then asks him if her best friend could come along on this date…..he thought this was strange however felt obligated to say yes since he was already there. Her friend then comes over and they proceed to bring out the shots and got completely obliterated with alcohol and to top it off, the friend then brings out some illegal powder to get ready….. all of this took him by surprised. There was some points throughout the night that he thought about leaving but he ended up bringing these two girls to Boston Pizza for dinner instead.

I asked him why he didn’t leave, what was the reason he stayed? Now I might “old school” but the whole scenario doesn’t sound like a date to me. What happened to the classic dates like dinner then a movie? Also, when did it become normal to invite other people to be part of a date? I love my best friend but she would never be invited to be part of my date ….hehehehe!

After asking  21 questions about the date and then asking him WHY DIDN’T YOU LEAVE? He finally gave me the stereotypical answer that I would expect from asshole. He stayed in hopes he would score a THREESOME! LOL…..yep.

In one date, I was able to like and dislike someone in less than 3 hours hahaha! Now if he kept that story to himself for just a few dates longer, would’ve I fallen madly deeply in love with him that I would be able to oversee this story?? Maybe? Probably not but he could’ve enjoyed a few more dates with me if he held out not telling me that story just yet!

3 is just right but 4 is a crowd lol!

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