Almost Perfect

Throughout the years, I’ve collected some bad stories but there is some good dates that I I’ve experienced as well. This story is about this great guy and even though the conversation we had went great , the date was great, somehow the first date never made it to the second meeting. I always wonder why that is?? Here comes the self reflecting and a little bit of self loathing. DEEP DOWN, I know why, it was because I was shallow and vein and I wasn’t able to see past the appearance 😦 I wanted this perfect image in my mind and at that time I wasn’t able to let go of this imaginary ideal that I always imagined myself to be with.

Now “almost perfect” guy  wasn’t unattractive , he just wasn’t what the typical guy I would normally see. He was rugged, bearded and a little taller than me. He was sweet and sensitive, quite cultured and open to the idea of experiencing new things and thrived on learning.  RIGHT!!!!??? why did I give him up lol! I’m pretty sure my best friend found him quite attractive and to be honest, I’m pretty sure many other women would too 😉

Back then, I wanted a clean-cut business professional with a great car, great home and probably a bank account that would allow me to be a desperate housewife….lol…why how things have changed lol! I want to tell you that I’m totally joking but in truth that was what I WANTED years ago. What I want now is completely different 🙂

The “almost perfect” guy called me up and asked me to meet at this local pub that I knew of but hated. Due to bad experiences at this place, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind changing the venue. I thought he would ask me a million questions on why I didn’t want to meet at this local pub since it was so popular but he didn’t. He accepted the request and picked a different spot. I thought this was super sweet of him that he was willing to change the location  so fast.

We met in the middle of the week over a few beers where we discussed  our traveling adventures. The main thing that we had in common was the fact that we both travelled Asia. We shared a lot of the same stories which I found really funny, the fact that a complete stranger also shared the same things I did, made talking him ten times easier. There was no need of chit-chat or the topic of weather to fill the silence. We were able to hold a conversation between us without effort.

He spoke about his little adventure in Mongolia and how cold it was. His experience camping during a blizzard and all the new foods he tried on his travels, he told me he had no clue what he actually ate most of the time he was traveling. We laughed a lot during the date.

After the third beer came, we finished it, he picked up the bill and he  walked me to my car. I told him he didn’t have to walk me to my car since it was freezing out but he insisted. The walk was quite short since I parked really close; I’m pretty sure he was disappointed when he found out that the walk took 3 minutes. Right before we parted, he implied that we would see each other again and I nodded and replied yes.

I didn’t end up seeing ” almost perfect”  guy again, he did message me a few times asking when I was free and I remember I told him the same excuse over and over again.  I told him I was busy with work, that something came up and maybe we could meet up next week, these were the common excuses I gave ;(.

After a few times of giving him the same excuses, he finally stopped asking. I said all these excuses just so I didn’t have to give him the real reason. I was a coward for not ever telling him the truth. The truth was I didn’t want to see him again and not because of something he said or did but because he wasn’t the guy I wanted to be with at that time.

I wonder what he’s up to now? 😉



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