Live. Laugh. Give thanks!

Today is Thanksgiving and after a very chaotic and busy weekend spent with my family and friends, I have a moment to sit down and understand how truly lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life. I am truly lucky that I get to share memories, stories and experiences with you guys 🙂 For reals!

For all the people who have listened over and over again to the same stories about my love life/dating life, I commend you that you haven’t killed me yet. All of you have had the chance to tell me to “shut up” and  “enough already, get over it” but you guys don’t. Instead you continue to sit there and listen to the countless depressing stories I have to tell and encourage me to continuing this crazy journey in dating…. whoooaaa!

To the people who have been unlucky enough to experience Linda’s  face-to-face, true raw emotional dating rollercoaster,  I am sorry….kinda???!!!… lol, but I hope you guys fund humor in the stories I tell. To the ones that only get to read them, well I hope the stories translate to humor because believe me, I  look back and I LAUGH, ….LIKE REAL LOUD!

I’m thankful for all the special people in my life and if you’re wondering if you are a “special person” then you are definitely are! 🙂

Laugh. Love, Linda 🙂

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