He’s high above me

After backpacking Asia for almost 9 months, the way you look at life, people and boys definitely change. After coming back to Calgary after some time away, I began to take attraction to boys I wasnt really fond of before. Hmmmmm what do you mean Linda? what type of men were you attracted to? Tall, dark and handsome? Short, predictable and geeky???

No, what I was into was care free, adventurous and little artsy.  To help you get a better visual image of what men I really mean, ten years ago I was attracted to grungy, earthy men who believed in living a minimalistic lifestyle (NO MATERIALISTIC GOODS LIKE SOAP), who wanted to spread the love (SLEPT WITH EVERYONE) and who wanted to live happily everyday (JOBLESS AND LOVE PLANTS…HMMM LOL LEAFY PLANTS) 😉

Now I have to remind you just in case you didn’t catch it before, who I am and what I want is completely different from myself ten years ago …yes COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

This dating story isn’t really eventful, however it was still very memorable. This all started when I started get close to a girl from work. We both worked at  a retail store and   to be honest, in the beginning I wasn’t sure if her and I would get along since we had different personalities and nothing in common. We didn’t have the same interests in music, fashion or even food. However we built a great relationship at work and we continued to hang with each other outside of work.  Soon we discovered that we loved exploring the city and of course talking about boys lol!

She asked me what type of boys I was attracted to and I told her. She was shocked with my answer,  but somehow she was able to come up with a potential boy that she knew that fitted my criteria. An artsy hippie with crazy dreads. She asked if I wanted to meet him and I of course said yes. She warned me that she only met him a few times before so she didnt know much about him. This boy was the brother of her close friend.

That Sunday afternoon, I picked her up and we drove to Local on 17th to meet up with her  close friend and his brother.  This wasn’t a date but a meeting to see if I would even go for this boy, all I wanted was a group setting at a casual place to see if this potential could possibly be dating material.

When we walked in, her close friend was already there and he apologized that his brother was going to be late. He said his brother was partying hard last night so he’s still hung over. As the three of us started chatting over beers, all I could think about is how great this boy was, he was talkative, easy-going and though he was no hippie with dreads, he was cute. Gosh, I wish my friend set me up with this boy instead lol!

After an hour and half past and we moved onto food, the artsy dreaded hippie finally came in and stumbled into the seat across from me. He was tall, dark-haired and he was wearing black  tinted  glasses. He introduced himself with a quick greet and nod.

From my seat, I could see him quite clearly, he was wearing a white tee-shirt with some graffiti graphic on it. His hair was hanging long past his shoulders, the dreads were dark brown and frizzy. His skin was pale against his dark hair and dark shades, which he decided not to take off the entire time he was there.

As we continued the conversation between the three of us, he just sat there silently. I felt that this was awkward so I tried to make small chit-chat with him. My whole purpose for that evening was to get to know this artsy dreaded hippie, to see if we would hit to off. I tried and tried but talking to him was a huge challenge since he wasn’t really responsive. He only replied with quick one worded answers. His hands were crossed the whole time and I began to feel that this night was going to end much faster than expected.

I continued finishing my beer and decided to try one more time to have a conversation with him. I started to talk and then saw that he was swaying back and forth in his seat….whats is he doing?, then “BAM” – his head slams on the table and he rises up, quickly focusing and realizing what just happened.

“im so high” thats what he said!!

This guy was HIGH out of his mind and fell asleep on me LOL!!! That’s my luck! The night ended and my friend and I parted ways from the boys. I laugh about this story to this day, I think im the only girl that can say that a boy fell asleep while talking to me!

TIP: if you plan to set up a friend with another friend, please notify them the he/she might be high 😉 lol


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