Does Harley need Joker?

Alrighty, it’s that time of year where we can dress up as ghosts, goblins and Beyoncé 😉 and everyone will be okay with it! Yep I’m talking about  Halloween weekend of 2017!!!! woot woot! Poor decisions and revealing clothing is a MUST this weekend lol!

Now Halloween isn’t just about that, for me-its a time I get to spend  with my little cousins carving pumpkins and watching  them get dressed up as cute pandas and The Iron Man to go trick or treating. Though I love spending Halloween with kids, I also day-dream about spending my Halloween time else where.

I always imagined  staying in on Halloween watching horror movies with a ‘LOVER’ (hehehe!) however I can’t even think of  a Halloween in which that has happened lol. It has always been pub crawls and house parties mixed with a little regret the next day lol! This year I’m planning to make Halloween as low-key as possible but for all the other single ladies out there…GO, GET OUT THERE! GO GET YOURS 😉

Last year was a disaster and I rather not repeat it again, so a year off Halloween should be good! Last year I bought tickets a month or so advance for this Halloween Party. Ticket prices were steep and I was hesitant but my best friend was able to convince me to get them. Thankfully my other best friend and her boyfriend agreed to go  as well. During this time I was deciding if I wanted to purchase one or  two. The second ticket was for this guy that I was seeing but in truth…deep down I wanted to get  rid of him. He sucked at being my boyfriend but I ended up buying two tickets anyways.

I love dressing up so I decided to go as Harley Quinn and I told him to go a Joker.  I spent a month ‘googling’ makeup and costume ideas and made co workers shop around the sketchiest neighborhoods in Calgary to find the right accessories for our costumes. This was probably the highlight of HALLOWEEN 2016….COSTUME MAKING 😉

The week of the Halloween party, I made sure he knew the itinerary of that Halloween night. I liked to be planned and organized so that no hiccups occurs during the festivities. I told him Monday, than Tuesday and  repeated the plan on Wednesday. I wanted to be clear with where he was supposed to meet me and what he should be wearing and bringing ect. He told me that I was nagging him and he got angry and told me to basically shut up. I was definitely angry at his behavior, but at that time fighting wasn’t worth it for me so I allowed his rude behaviour slide….reminder..he sucked!

On the day of the Halloween party, I planned to work in the daytime until 4pm then head over to my best friends place to get ready. I was getting really excited during the afternoon but something in me felt uneasy as if something was about  to go wrong. A few days before, I told my best friend that I thinking of ending it with ‘Joker’ after Halloween. After telling her, I watched for her reaction. Her face said it all, she didn’t say much but I knew she agreed that I should.

The reason why I didn’t  cut him off sooner is because of stupid, childish reasons;  1) I already invited him and bought him a ticket. 2) I spent time and money on our costumes therefore I didn’t want them to go to waste. 3) I didnt want to be alone

I look back and I would’ve ended it as soon as I had doubts, I should’ve stopped the relationship before I even bought the Halloween ticket in the first place.

Right after lunch on that Friday afternoon (4 hours before the time we were supposed to meet up), he calls me and tells me that he wont be able to go to this ticketed event due to a conflict with his work schedule. I WAS FURIOUS since he knew months in advance that we were going…SERIOUSLY WTF! I wanted to scream in the phone and tell him how much of a piece of crap he was but I didn’t. Instead I said alright, “its unfortunate you can’t come but I’m letting you know that THIS IS IT. I wont be seeing you anymore” I left it at that.

In the six months that we were dating,  I tried to stop seeing him, I tried twice before but somehow I always got drawn back in

Even though I was upset and disappointed after I decided to end it,  I was also relieved and happy that it was over. He wasnt the person I imagined myself to be with. When I was seeing him, I always felt that I was suppressing who I am to appease him and now, looking back I can say Im thrilled that I don’t have to do that anymore.

He called me throughout that Halloween night. He called 16 times, left 2 voice messages and 3 long text messages filled with his apologies. I chose not to answer, not to listen to voice mails and erased the long text messages from him.

That Halloween, I spent the night as a single lady. I was Harley without a Joker and I was ok 😉  I went as fifth wheel to my besties and thier men and to be honest I would’nt change a thing about that night. It was fun and I got to create another memory with the people that are the most important to me.

Happy Halloween 🙂

Have fun, stay safe 🙂



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