Passing the neon sings

Hello from Vegas!!! woot woot!

I decided to take a trip to the crazy city of Las Vegas to celebrate the fact that I’m now heading into a new chapter in my life. Yes, welcome to  the thirties Linda! Do I feel different? I can’t say that I do, however when I repeat the word thirty, I get this cringy reminder that I’m getting older lol.

A decade has passed and since I turned twenty  I might not feel different,  but I know that there are so many things that have changed in my life.  I am wiser and hopefully a little more maturer then my twenty year old self. My taste in foods, music and my  judgement on people are definitely different after 10 more years of living.  I’ve grown in knowledge and adapted to a few hard obstacles that I’ve encountered in the past years but overall I can say that my life has been pretty great.

In the 10 years, I’ve changed jobs multiple times lol, felt heart breaks more than once, shared tears and pain with loved ones….yes these are bad things I’ve listed haha, but I’ve also experience my best friends weddings, moved into a place to call my own and formed great freindships….these are some of the good things 😉 EVERYONE EXPERIENCES UPS AND DOWNS IN LIFE AND IM TRULY LUCKY TO SAY THAT IN MY LIFE, THE UPS OUTWEIGH THE DOWNS.

My twenties have been great due to the amazing relationships I have in my life. Without all the wonderful humans in my life that have given me so much support, guidance and endless laughter, the twenties would’ve not been as enjoyable as they were

Though my dating life has also been quite dramatic and crazy: every date, every meeting has also impacted on who I am. I feel that going into the thirties, my dating life will only get harder and probably even more dramatic than before. Heading into the thirties with my twenty year old experience, I feel more confident and optimistic that  my “perfect” someone is close. If there isn’t the “perfect” someone in my dating life then that’s ok  because I already have the ” perfect” friendships, “perfect” family and “perfect” colleagues that and girl would dream of.

I’m ready for thirties, come on new adventures, new people, new stories!



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