Hey its me!

For many years now, I always thought about blogging. Blogging about fashion, style and beauty has alway been an interest of mine but I always felt that I was never a true expert.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion and everyone that is close to me knows that I’m a shopaholic but even  with my common ‘girl’ addiction, my heart was never really set on writing about it.

What I feel confident in is writing about  my experiences with love, life and men. Now this isn’t going to be a sad telling of Linda’s sad pathetic love life but more of empowering form of art to express how I feel. I will try to make it as humorous as possible! PLEASE LAUGH…HARD!

Now I’m not an expert in dating by any means but I have been on enough dates to accumulate some crazy stories to tell. I remember the first time I told my best friend about my two online dates, it didn’t go well 😦 She bursted out laughing and implied that I should blog it. Well ta-dah, you better be reading all my stories you know who 😉

Each and every date has been a great experience because I learned from each and every person, I learned a lot about myself, learned a lot about others (don’t trust men lol) and figured out my downfalls when it comes to dating. Sometimes its me, sometimes its him and sometimes we just aren’t compatible. Most times its him, just kidding- its because I accidentally swiped yes but I meant no but still decided to go out with him.

The hardest relationship I have is with dating itself, dating is bittersweet- sometimes its filled excitement, fun and joy and other times its filled with worry, paranoia and pain. Everyone dating right now has gone through these emotions and BELIEVE ME, sometimes the feeling of pain is so painful that you don’t want to attempt dating again.  I know its hard but everyone should continue the journey in finding the ‘one’ (if you want it then you have to work for it). Like a true princess, you will have to kiss many frogs to find the prince 😉

The best solution for my heart ache isn’t slashing his tires or stalking him but sharing and talking it through, well for me anyways ….hehehe. Sometimes there is no definite reason or understanding why a relationship didn’t work out but we shouldn’t dwell on it but instead think of the positive! So here you go, I’m  turning all my heartaches, all my coffee pals and my long distant lovers (Lionel Richie is my jam) to funny stories that you can repeat to girlfriends!

Ill keep you posted 🙂