No Pizza for You

This is a story about a date I went on with a writer….. yes ooh Lala. He asked if I wanted to meet him at a pub in the northeast, even though it wasn’t central and quite far from where I lived. I agreed to the date and met him at 6pm on Wednesday…um yum! Wing Wednesday!

We arrived at the same time and entered the pub at the same time. This pub was one of the sketchiest pub I ve ever been too. The decor was outdated, the whole place smelled like cigarettes even though it was prohibited inside. It was as if the cigarettes was soaked into the decor , soaked in the carpet for two decades and the owners didn’t bother with renovations lol. When we walked it, I was surprised the whole pub was as busy as it was. The tables were filling quite fast and the bar stools were all occupied.

The waitress noticed us at the entrance and pointed to a table near the back wall. We walked towards the table in the back and seated ourselves. The start of the conversation was kinda awkward but we knew that we had to overcome the awkwardness somehow, so we started off by ordering drinks as quickly as possible. After the drinks we ordered, we ordered some wings and continued the chit chat so we could get to know each other a little more. We chatted and drank for a couple of hours at the pub and we joked about the fact that we didn’t belong there since we were the only minorities at that pub. We laughed and poked fun at each other.

When the night ended, we separated but not before he asked to take me out again. I accepted his offer and we planned to get together for a movie on Saturday. That Saturday, I unfortunately had to bail due to something that came up at work. That Saturday morning, I messaged him explaining the reason why I had to bail and told him that I would reschedule once I figured out my schedule for the following week.

Now he probably thought I was just making an excuse and I wasn’t interested in seeing him again and sometimes the case is true but not in this case. I did want to see him again. I hate it when guys postpone on me or  when they bail last-minute. I didn’t want to be “that girl” who does the same, so therefore I wanted to make it up.

To make up for the last-minute cancellation, I asked him if he was free during the week to come over for supper. I was excited that he agreed to coming over that following Thursday. I thought of creating pizzas for supper. I decided that I would get different ingredients where we can build our own pizzas, this would be a fun interactive date where I can also see his skills in the kitchen lol.

I finished work at 5pm and asked my best friend to go grocery shopping with me so she could help me get the right ingredients for my date. We went through the aisles of Safeway  quickly and during the time at Safeway I made sure to message him so he could tell me his dislikes and likes for toppings on his pizza. He texted me back that he was open to everything so this made shopping quite easy.

I got home a little before 6pm and I asked him to come over at 7pm. I prepped all the veggies in bowls, I had a few options of sauces just in case he was adventurous. I love pesto on pizza so maybe he would too, but in case he didn’t I bought mariana sauce as well.

It was 7pm and he had not arrived, I looked at my phone a little after 7pm and he messaged me, telling me he was running late. I was a little irritated that he was late but happy that he messaged me to inform me. I looked at the time continuously and watched 7pm turn to 7:15,  then 7:30 and then finally he was there at my place at 7:40. I was still irritated but I knew that by me being upset would only turn the date to becoming even worse.

He walked in , he apologized and gifted me a bottle of wine. I smiled and proceeded into the kitchen where I asked him if he was “ready to make pizza?” and  he responded that he wasn’t really hungry.  I was shocked by his answer. He told me he ate beforehand and he was still full. I asked him why he ate if he knew I was doing pizza? He said he was hungry and couldn’t wait.

I was extremely irritated now, I kept my cool and told him that I was hungry and he could just watch me eat then. I made my pizza and placed in the oven and waited for it to be ready. In the meantime, while he was trying to flirt and conversate with me, I  CONTINUED TO SMILED BUT INSIDE I WAS EXTREMELY UPSET!


I held my emotions as long as I could but after few minutes of pondering on the reason why he possibly ate beforehand…. I BLEW UP!!! I told him that he was rude and so inconsiderate for eating before hand. I told him he was ridiculous and stupid and for a man who was in his thirties, he should’ve known better. He of course got upset and stormed out of my place. I have never seen a guy leave as fast as he did. As he was storming out he told me I was a crazy bitch and I was nothing like the woman he met ON the first date.

Um YAH OF COURSE I WAS DIFFERENT, of course I wasn’t the same woman. The first date I didn’t offer to cook for you, the second date I did and you denied it. Now im not a certified chef or anything but at least try before you deny. SERIOUSLY!

Laugh love date



LOVE the Holiday Love

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, there is nothing about it that I don’t like.  I love holiday baking, the decorations, the lights, the drinks, the festive cheer…I can go on and on but the one thing that stands out for me is the joy and happiness that surrounds this festive holiday season. Every year I look forward to the month of December where I get to catch up with friends and of course my FAMILY.

The people who do know me best, know exactly what I mean when I say “I love Christmas”. They know how much I love spending the holidays with my family. They know how much I speak highly of my family shenanigans throughout the week of Christmas. My family is really awesome. Yep, I am biased…I know lol! Every Christmas I can promise myself that I will experience the following:

  1. fun times
  2. inappropriate jokes/ laughing so hard till you cry
  3. great food/continuous food
  4. endless drinks
  5. so much love….cheesey I know!

Usually the Holiday season is reminder that I am alone and that I am single  but to be honest after the few moments of thinking about being single, my mind resorts back to how lucky I am to be filled with the best companions of all….MY FAMILY.  They are the best people to have around the holiday season, with them there is no judgement, no wondering what the other person is thinking and no self-doubt in the wonderment if I will  see them in the next three or six months …lol!

With my FAMILY, I can truly just be myself and enjoy every moment being with them. I enjoy their company every day but its difficult to  combine 17 people under one roof all the time so therefore having one special day where we can come together really makes it special for all of us. As lives change and additions to the family keep adding on, it’s truly amazing that we love seeing each other still.

To all the attached people out there, if  you were happy with the company you had  over the  holiday season then you conquered the greatest thing of all. It doesn’t matter if you shared love with just one, small few or the largest group…if you felt that you spent your Christmas with the most important people in your life then you should be happy. To all the single people out there, you’re never alone. The feeling of happiness comes from you and your understanding and appreciation of  all the great people around you. That feeling that you get with the relationships you have in your life, should be enough.

Now don’t get me wrong, having a special someone is still on my mind but I honestly believe that if you by-pass the most important relationship you were given in your the relationship with your parents, brothers, cousins, nieces and nephews then how can you make a relationship with a stranger work out?

Love yourself, Love the people around you then the one relationship you’re searching for will magically appear 😉

Have a wonderful holiday season and take advantage of the last few days in 2017!

Love, Laugh, Date!





VanCity heart break

Sometimes do you scroll through your instagram feed and accidentally run into a picture of someone who you sorta/kinda remember. Well, I have and this usually leads to me  looking at the pic a few seconds longer than I want too. I always stare at the pic and think and wonder what that person is up to now. Few weeks ago I was scrolling on Instagram and came across a pic of a man I kinda/sorta know and a women. This is a man who will never know how much of impact he had on me.

During the month March 2015, I went  to Vancouver to visit my best friend to celebrate my Birthday.  I was so excited to take a little break from work and Calgary, so I knew that it was going to be a great long weekend for me. She showed me around the city and her favorite places she discovered around VanCity since she moved out there. We caught up with old friends and spent a lot of long nights reminiscing about the past, gossiped and of course spoke about men. At this time I wasn’t seeing anyone or had anyone that I was interested in so being very open about boys and relationship was easy.

I told her that I wanted to try out online dating while I was out in Vancouver…maybe catch a few free drink dates and get new stories/new company for her and I….LOL. The fact that she was open to it was awesome, but secretly I think she knew that I would be way too much of a coward to meet someone so fast. Knowing myself, I need the long rapport through constant messaging before a meet. The fact is- I was only there for a weekend and a weekend would be way too short of a notice for me to be comfortable with meeting a stranger…….(this was 2015… opinion on this matter has changed hehehehe)

Over the weekend, I did have a few ongoing conversation with men around VanCity, however I didn’t end up meeting any of them. One of the guys actually did ask me to meet up for drinks at a Gastown pub but unfortunately I was flying out that day so we weren’t able to meet. After I told him I was not able to, I assumed he would want to end the conversation with me since I was not local anymore but he still messaged and asked to do video chat with me while I was in Calgary and him in Vancouver. I continued chatting with him for six months. Yes, I started to chat with him in March and continued until August.

While he and I were messaging each other daily, I was also dating others. Since it was kinda long distance and this new dating game has no rules, we accepted the fact that we were far apart and were okay with each other seeing other people. I told him about my life, my work and the occasion coffee dates I went on…the good and the bad. He gave me constant affirmation and spoke the truth when it came to men and my dates. It was nice to have someone to talk to who boosted your self-esteem after a nightmare of a date. After every date, he was there. He was there to reassure how great I was and ask if I was ok.

As I opened up to him, he started to open up to me. He told me about his past relationship, his heart-break and how he was finding ways to pick himself back up from a relationship that he wasn’t sure he wanted to end. There were a few times he asked me come a meet him in Vancouver but with work and with my finances it was hard to make time to go over there for summer.

Finally summer was over and Fall approached and the weeks leading up to September, I told him I was going to be back in Vancouver to visit my best friend again and that we should meet up. I thought he would be excited but his reaction wasn’t what I expected. He responded by asking that I was going to Vancouver for ME and not for HIM. In true honesty…..I WAS GOING OUT TO VANCOUVER FOR MY BEST FRIEND but meeting him would be like a cherry on top!

You know how this ends…..I flew out and the day that we were supposed to meet…he BACKED OUT.  I remember the exact moment when I received his long ass text telling me that he wasn’t ready to meet me. I was at sushi restaurant in Yaletown for dinner with my best friend when I got the text. I started tearing up and excused myself to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet for at least five minutes as I whimpered in the bathroom stall. Six months of conversation and he DIDNT want to meet? 😦

In my crazy imaginative mind, I really thought we would meet and hit it off and he would be wanting to spend the rest of the days I was in Vancouver with me. I thought my visit will be filled with laughs, joy and he would be convincing me to stay. I know I’m one of those CRAZY ASS girls that get way too ahead of themselves, the girl who becomes way to attached. I NEED HELP!!!

Looking back, my reaction to the rejection was horrible. I cried thinking about the rejection the whole night. I spent the next day on the beach trying to get over it and in which Aziz Nasari’s book really helped. This book was the reason why I smiled though the streaming tears. He had his reasons why he didn’t meet me and its ok. Things happen and even though it was painful at that moment of heart-break, it’s always better that you took the initial rejection and turn it to positive outlook on yourself, your love life. I was hurt, now I’m not…

The thing I learned from talking to him and messaging him throughout the six months is how easy it is to open up to a stranger. I loved the fact that I can be open and honest with him with no feeling of judgement from him. For the time we messaged and spoke to one another, he gave me confidence to be comortable with myself. Before him, I’ve always felt that online dating was filled with fake perceptions and games that needed to be played right but with him it was nothing like that.

The photo I came across on Instagram was of him and his new girlfriend. They looked cute and happy together. Though I did not get the happy ending I was wanted with him, I’m extremely happy that two strangers were able to find eachother.

Love is everywhere.


A little too late for Morocco

I do believe in second chances and that someone who really wants to, can change. I like to be hopeful and as a girl, I will hang on the “hope string”  for way too long. From the first meeting all the way to the present date, sometimes we want a relationship to work so badly that we are willing to sacrifice our feelings. I’ve done this and in the end it always leads to heart-break.

I was dating “Morocco guy” for a few months, we met a little before Halloween and continued to see each other regularly through the early months of 2016. We met online and our first meeting was over coffee at Purple Perk in Missions. I remember it being very cold  that evening and it was hard to start-up my car for the drive to meet him.

Once I got to the meeting point, I remember being nervous as usual but really excited. He got there first and as I walked in, I spotted him right away. He was tall, dark and handsome. As he stood up to greet me, he towered over me which I loved. His complexion was olive-y with bit of a darker tint. We hugged awkwardly and proceeded to the front cash to order out lattes.

The conversation was very similar to the other first dates I have had before. I was comfortable and I think he was too, we were able to hold the conversation and we continued into the evening with a drive around downtown. Originally we wanted to walk around Missions but I wasn’t able to handle the outdoors  since it was -24 out that night. As the night was about to end, he drove me to my car and asked to see me next week.

I kept cool and told him I would check my schedule. Inside I was thrilled of the idea  that he wanted to see me again. I knew I wasn’t busy …lol…however I didn’t want  him too see my true reaction of excitement  just in case I would come off to eager and desperate. I waited until the next day to accept his offer.

We planned the date for Sunday, the Sunday of the week of Halloween. This worked perfectly since we both already had plans with our friends for Halloween festivities that Friday and Saturday. We had the whole week prior to plan and chat, the week of waiting to see each other again allowed us to learn that we both  love Thai food, watching slasher movies and traveling.

We messaged each other constantly throughout the week, at work and after. I remember one night I was working late and I told him I didn’t have time to grab supper. It was 9 o’clock and I could hear my stomach growling….lol. I told him I was on my way home and he suggested that he could stop by to drop me off some food. He made some Moroccan stew and that he had lots left over and was willing to drop some off. I thought he was crazy for wanting to do this. This GESTURE was so sweet, so amazingly nice that I had doubts that he was being serious.

As I drove onto my street to park my car, there he was waiting in his car for me. He actually brought me dinner…WOW!!! He came in my house holding a container of stew and a ziplock bag of bread. He watched me eat as we caught up. He drove 20 minutes to deliver food to me and came in for another 20 minutes to see me. He didn’t try any moves or funny business, he was a gentlemen the whole time. He left as soon as I said I had an early morning, he told me he didn’t want to keep me up :). It was dinner with no strings attached 😉

After that gesture, I could feel that I liked him more than I ever wanted too. He was so caring. “Moroccan guy” really enjoyed cooking and clearly cooking Moroccan cuisine was his specialty. Overtime  I felt bad that he was making me supper weekly so I repaid him by making dessert. This became our thing, date night with a  delicious home cooked moroccan meal and my attempt of a dessert while watching “Narcos” on Netflix.

As the month passed, the holiday season was approaching. Since we weren’t at the stage where our relationship was serious enough meet family,  the holiday season meant that we would be spending a lot of December time apart. I was extremely busy in the month of December and so was he. Finding time meet up was getting really difficult.

January came and we finally had time to get together. We started to see each other regularly again which I really liked, however something felt different. He seemed distant and I started to feel that he wasn’t into me anymore. At this time I wasn’t sure what to think. I tried my best to keep my distance but still on his radar. I wasn’t sure if it was something I did.

I came over one day mid-week for supper and I asked him directly if there was something wrong. He replied by telling me that he hates work, hates being here and he was going through something personal. I tried to be as understanding as possible and told him that if he needed the distance from me then I would understand. He implied that the way he felt had nothing to do with me. I saw him couple more times after this conversation.

A week before Family day weekend in February, we planned to take a mini trip to the mountains to enjoy the long weekend. I was looking forward to this and I thought he did too. Two days before long weekend, he messaged me that he bought a ticket to Winnipeg for the long weekend. He said he wanted get away  from the city and wanted to do something alone. I was extremely upset and called him to confront him. He didn’t pick up but only texted me to tell me he would talk to me after his trip.


I waited and waited for his message after the long weekend, so we could meet and talk. I NEVER received a call or message after the long weekend. I messaged him a few times after but he never responded.

I waited for two weeks afterwards and realized that I would never see him again. I messaged him to see if he could  return all my belongings. I had clothes, books and all the dessert/bake pans I brought over previously. Still he never answered my messages, I couldn’t believe how much of a coward her was, he didn’t have the guts to face me. His friend finally delivered all my belongings to me at work, a week after my initial request for my stuff.

I was heart-broken for a while after  because I never understood why him and I didn’t work. With all the dates and relationships in the past, I can look back and realize what went wrong.  I looked back at “Moroccan guy” and I COULDNT WRAP MY BRAIN AROUND THE REASONS WHY and this made me extremely emotional.

Three months after I’ve gotten over “Morocco guy”, I received a phone call from him. Since he was still programmed on my phone, the caller ID read his name. Seeing his name on my screen freaked me out and I ended the call immediately  so that it went straight to voicemail. I took a few minutes and thought about him and I concluded that I NEEDED to know why he called. Was it a wrong dial? ….did he accidentally call me or did he really wanted to talk to me? THERE WAS ONLY WAY TO FIND OUT! I called him back!

It was nice hearing his voice again, we greeted awkwardly and chit chatted about being awkward and then he told me the reason why he called me. He wanted to apologize to me about his actions and why he did what he did. The apology was sincere and the fact that he acknowledged that he knew he hurt me was courageous. He had no clue how I was going to respond but he opened up and was completely truthful. He kept on apologizing and hinted at the idea of us dating/being together again.

I took a few seconds to think about the idea of being with him again but deep down I didn’t want to be with him anymore.  It was nice hearing from him again, but I did what was right for me and responded with “thankyou for your apologies, and I’m truly happy that you’re doing better. I wish you the best and I hope everything works out for you”

As much as I want to be in a relationship, I know I want to be with someone who never let me go in the first place.




Meet the PARENTS

Meeting the parents is always a nerve wrecking moment. No matter who you are in the relationship, whether your meeting the boyfriends parents or your boyfriend is meeting your parents; the moments leading up to actual meeting and the meeting itself is a VERY BIG DEAL!

Meeting the parents is a big deal because it comes with a lot of opinions and possibly judgement. Parents will always have tons a questions and they are very observant in the relationship to spot out the flaws. Parents will always yearn to know if ‘this person’ is the best option for their daughter. No one wants to be the one who has the bad partner, no one wants their parents not to like their potential “one”, however meeting the parents is crucial.

I’ve always known how important meeting the parents is but in the past weeks Ive thought about the idea of “meeting the parents” more deeply and I’m begining to realize  that the situation is extremely important because it is a revelation point in a relationship, to see if the relationship is meant to continue or end.

I was invited over for dinner last Thursday at one of my close friend place in Chestemere. Over dinner is when his friend told me the story about how she recently broke up with the guy she’s been seeing for the past 6 months. I remember when I caught up with her a few months before, she told me how great her relationship was going. She was happy and I remember her smiling as she telling me about him. I didn’t know her well enough at that time  to truly know if she was acting or pretending but what I saw was a very excited woman who was experiencing the beginning stages of a wonderful relationship. Who would’ve imagined that it would end so soon.

She told us the story that the guy she’s was with was being very persistent in meeting her parents. As a bystander hearing this, hearing that any guy wanted to meet his girlfriend parents could only mean that he was thinking long-term. We would assume that the relationship was going well and quite serious if he was willing to be a situation where he would be put on the spot. In this case, as a girl we would assume he was commited.

After a few weeks of  her planning and arranging the best time for her parents and her siblings to come together to meet her boyfriend, she finally set a date. Her family and her boyfriend was going to come together on a Saturday night for a friendly game of  Locked Room.

Days leading up to it seem to be quite normal to her, she was excited that the meeting of her family and boyfriend was finally happening. She told me the night went well, everyone got along and the conversation was ongoing throughout the night. All the signs looked promising 🙂 She was thrilled with the entire exchange. Her family really like him and praised the many good things about her potential ‘one’.

The Monday after the family meeting, she and her boyfriend went to a neighborhood pub. She thought this was going to be normal date night but as they sat down, the drama began. Once they got there, they sat and ordered drinks and food. They started talking about the past Saturday and how the family meet and greet went. This was the beginning of the conversation that led to heart-break. They started discussing about the future and what he wanted and what she wanted. Clearly both parties didn’t align.

She asked tough questions and expected answers but all he could give her was excuses that she wasnt the one for him. He admitted that he felt this way for a while now and he was being selfish trying to balance this relationship with his own life.

This part is upsetting because if he didnt feel that this relationship wasnt going anywhere for him then why meet the parents? I think he was being selfish not realizing the potential consquences. He didnt value her in a relationship or valued the relationship she had with her family. He was fine with getting involved with her family dynamic as soon as possible but then reacted  just as quickly to back out of the relationship.

I couldnt imagine talking so highly about someone to my mom and dad and then finally allowing them to meet eachother and then breaking up shortly after….this would devastate me! WHAT TWISTED MAN WOULD WANT TO MEET A GIRLS PARENTS WITH THE INTENTIONS TO BREAK UP WITH HER AFTER???

my question for him-

were you always unsure and the parental meeting finalized your feelings? or did you already knew that you didn’t want to be with her but didnt have the guts to end it sooner? dude…whats your problem?

On Friday they were in happy relationship, on Saturday he met the parents and on Monday they broke up.

some things will never add up 😦






Does Harley need Joker?

Alrighty, it’s that time of year where we can dress up as ghosts, goblins and Beyoncé 😉 and everyone will be okay with it! Yep I’m talking about  Halloween weekend of 2017!!!! woot woot! Poor decisions and revealing clothing is a MUST this weekend lol!

Now Halloween isn’t just about that, for me-its a time I get to spend  with my little cousins carving pumpkins and watching  them get dressed up as cute pandas and The Iron Man to go trick or treating. Though I love spending Halloween with kids, I also day-dream about spending my Halloween time else where.

I always imagined  staying in on Halloween watching horror movies with a ‘LOVER’ (hehehe!) however I can’t even think of  a Halloween in which that has happened lol. It has always been pub crawls and house parties mixed with a little regret the next day lol! This year I’m planning to make Halloween as low-key as possible but for all the other single ladies out there…GO, GET OUT THERE! GO GET YOURS 😉

Last year was a disaster and I rather not repeat it again, so a year off Halloween should be good! Last year I bought tickets a month or so advance for this Halloween Party. Ticket prices were steep and I was hesitant but my best friend was able to convince me to get them. Thankfully my other best friend and her boyfriend agreed to go  as well. During this time I was deciding if I wanted to purchase one or  two. The second ticket was for this guy that I was seeing but in truth…deep down I wanted to get  rid of him. He sucked at being my boyfriend but I ended up buying two tickets anyways.

I love dressing up so I decided to go as Harley Quinn and I told him to go a Joker.  I spent a month ‘googling’ makeup and costume ideas and made co workers shop around the sketchiest neighborhoods in Calgary to find the right accessories for our costumes. This was probably the highlight of HALLOWEEN 2016….COSTUME MAKING 😉

The week of the Halloween party, I made sure he knew the itinerary of that Halloween night. I liked to be planned and organized so that no hiccups occurs during the festivities. I told him Monday, than Tuesday and  repeated the plan on Wednesday. I wanted to be clear with where he was supposed to meet me and what he should be wearing and bringing ect. He told me that I was nagging him and he got angry and told me to basically shut up. I was definitely angry at his behavior, but at that time fighting wasn’t worth it for me so I allowed his rude behaviour slide….reminder..he sucked!

On the day of the Halloween party, I planned to work in the daytime until 4pm then head over to my best friends place to get ready. I was getting really excited during the afternoon but something in me felt uneasy as if something was about  to go wrong. A few days before, I told my best friend that I thinking of ending it with ‘Joker’ after Halloween. After telling her, I watched for her reaction. Her face said it all, she didn’t say much but I knew she agreed that I should.

The reason why I didn’t  cut him off sooner is because of stupid, childish reasons;  1) I already invited him and bought him a ticket. 2) I spent time and money on our costumes therefore I didn’t want them to go to waste. 3) I didnt want to be alone

I look back and I would’ve ended it as soon as I had doubts, I should’ve stopped the relationship before I even bought the Halloween ticket in the first place.

Right after lunch on that Friday afternoon (4 hours before the time we were supposed to meet up), he calls me and tells me that he wont be able to go to this ticketed event due to a conflict with his work schedule. I WAS FURIOUS since he knew months in advance that we were going…SERIOUSLY WTF! I wanted to scream in the phone and tell him how much of a piece of crap he was but I didn’t. Instead I said alright, “its unfortunate you can’t come but I’m letting you know that THIS IS IT. I wont be seeing you anymore” I left it at that.

In the six months that we were dating,  I tried to stop seeing him, I tried twice before but somehow I always got drawn back in

Even though I was upset and disappointed after I decided to end it,  I was also relieved and happy that it was over. He wasnt the person I imagined myself to be with. When I was seeing him, I always felt that I was suppressing who I am to appease him and now, looking back I can say Im thrilled that I don’t have to do that anymore.

He called me throughout that Halloween night. He called 16 times, left 2 voice messages and 3 long text messages filled with his apologies. I chose not to answer, not to listen to voice mails and erased the long text messages from him.

That Halloween, I spent the night as a single lady. I was Harley without a Joker and I was ok 😉  I went as fifth wheel to my besties and thier men and to be honest I would’nt change a thing about that night. It was fun and I got to create another memory with the people that are the most important to me.

Happy Halloween 🙂

Have fun, stay safe 🙂



He’s high above me

After backpacking Asia for almost 9 months, the way you look at life, people and boys definitely change. After coming back to Calgary after some time away, I began to take attraction to boys I wasnt really fond of before. Hmmmmm what do you mean Linda? what type of men were you attracted to? Tall, dark and handsome? Short, predictable and geeky???

No, what I was into was care free, adventurous and little artsy.  To help you get a better visual image of what men I really mean, ten years ago I was attracted to grungy, earthy men who believed in living a minimalistic lifestyle (NO MATERIALISTIC GOODS LIKE SOAP), who wanted to spread the love (SLEPT WITH EVERYONE) and who wanted to live happily everyday (JOBLESS AND LOVE PLANTS…HMMM LOL LEAFY PLANTS) 😉

Now I have to remind you just in case you didn’t catch it before, who I am and what I want is completely different from myself ten years ago …yes COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

This dating story isn’t really eventful, however it was still very memorable. This all started when I started get close to a girl from work. We both worked at  a retail store and   to be honest, in the beginning I wasn’t sure if her and I would get along since we had different personalities and nothing in common. We didn’t have the same interests in music, fashion or even food. However we built a great relationship at work and we continued to hang with each other outside of work.  Soon we discovered that we loved exploring the city and of course talking about boys lol!

She asked me what type of boys I was attracted to and I told her. She was shocked with my answer,  but somehow she was able to come up with a potential boy that she knew that fitted my criteria. An artsy hippie with crazy dreads. She asked if I wanted to meet him and I of course said yes. She warned me that she only met him a few times before so she didnt know much about him. This boy was the brother of her close friend.

That Sunday afternoon, I picked her up and we drove to Local on 17th to meet up with her  close friend and his brother.  This wasn’t a date but a meeting to see if I would even go for this boy, all I wanted was a group setting at a casual place to see if this potential could possibly be dating material.

When we walked in, her close friend was already there and he apologized that his brother was going to be late. He said his brother was partying hard last night so he’s still hung over. As the three of us started chatting over beers, all I could think about is how great this boy was, he was talkative, easy-going and though he was no hippie with dreads, he was cute. Gosh, I wish my friend set me up with this boy instead lol!

After an hour and half past and we moved onto food, the artsy dreaded hippie finally came in and stumbled into the seat across from me. He was tall, dark-haired and he was wearing black  tinted  glasses. He introduced himself with a quick greet and nod.

From my seat, I could see him quite clearly, he was wearing a white tee-shirt with some graffiti graphic on it. His hair was hanging long past his shoulders, the dreads were dark brown and frizzy. His skin was pale against his dark hair and dark shades, which he decided not to take off the entire time he was there.

As we continued the conversation between the three of us, he just sat there silently. I felt that this was awkward so I tried to make small chit-chat with him. My whole purpose for that evening was to get to know this artsy dreaded hippie, to see if we would hit to off. I tried and tried but talking to him was a huge challenge since he wasn’t really responsive. He only replied with quick one worded answers. His hands were crossed the whole time and I began to feel that this night was going to end much faster than expected.

I continued finishing my beer and decided to try one more time to have a conversation with him. I started to talk and then saw that he was swaying back and forth in his seat….whats is he doing?, then “BAM” – his head slams on the table and he rises up, quickly focusing and realizing what just happened.

“im so high” thats what he said!!

This guy was HIGH out of his mind and fell asleep on me LOL!!! That’s my luck! The night ended and my friend and I parted ways from the boys. I laugh about this story to this day, I think im the only girl that can say that a boy fell asleep while talking to me!

TIP: if you plan to set up a friend with another friend, please notify them the he/she might be high 😉 lol